I recently decided to make my website more interactive. First I added an Activities page where kids can print black and white illustrations from Sarah’s Shadow and One Night in Beartown, and they can print other fun activities such as word searches, anagrams and mazes, all featuring characters from my books.

Then I thought, why not go one better and add a page to the site where kids can send me their coloured-in Illustrations and other artwork? So I added a page called Creative Corner for exactly that reason! If your child has enjoyed doing some creative activities inspired by my books, whether it’s artwork, a story, a poem or indeed anything else, please email it to me or message me and I’ll be glad to add it to the growing gallery!

Oh and a big thanks to Bosley St Mary’s Primary School for sending me six stories based on One Night in Beartown, following a Zoom session we did in February. It was part of a competition I ran with them – and all the entries are now on Creative Corner. They are all really great and I encourage you to have a read!

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