Last year I was approached by a local company called Franklyn Financial Management who’d had an idea for a children’s book. They wanted a way to teach young children about the need to save for their future, so I was tasked with creating a story that did just that. I’m pleased to say that, less than a year later, the fruits of our collective efforts have now materialised in the form of Franklyn – No Ordinary Fox: a children’s picture book about a fox who thinks outside the box. Here’s the blurb:

Franklyn is not like other foxes. He eats nuts and berries, is kind to all animals and would never knock your bin over! Sadly, the other foxes don’t like his differences, and one day the local bully, Mitchell, forces him to leave town. Franklyn’s one friend, Florence, is sad to see him go and worries that she’ll never see him again. But she won’t be worried for long – after all, Franklyn is no ordinary fox!

This is my first picture book to be illustrated by someone other than Si Clark. Middlewich-based graphic designer and illustrator Ant Harding has done a terrific job of bringing Franklyn, Florence, Mitchell and the other foxes to life, and I’m blown away by the final product. The best bit, however, is that Franklyn Financial Management will be visiting schools around Cheshire (with a Franklyn MASCOT, no less!) and giving out copies of the book to children. As well as teaching children about saving for the future, the story has messages about being kind to others and also living sustainably.

Children at Terra Nova School near Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, with Franklyn Fox!

Thank you to Andy, Ian and Chloe at Franklyn Financial Management for getting me on board with this amazing project. I hope we will work together on more adventures with Franklyn Fox in the near future!

Franklyn – No Ordinary Fox is published by Franklyn Financial Management and can be purchased exclusively from Full Media’s website (with free UK delivery) here: https://full-media.co.uk/product/franklyn-no-ordinary-fox