Picture of One Night in Beartown characters

After a long hiatus (sorry for the protracted radio silence!), I am finally back in the saddle with a new children’s picture book!

I actually wrote this book in 2018, soon after publishing Sarah’s Shadow. but life got in the way until now. Also, publishing picture books is an expensive business, so this time around I am looking to fund the book through pre-orders via a Kickstarter campaign: 


Please take a look and pledge/share as much as you can. It would be a dream come true to see my friend and collaborator Si Clark bring this story to life! It is set in Congleton, where I live, and it’s about a little girl who is obsessed with bears. Congleton is known as Beartown due to its bear-related history (the town allegedly used to own a real-life bear), and the little girl has an adventure one night when her favourite teddy bear, the statue outside her house and the numerous bear statues from the 2011 Bear Parade all come to life!

I hope to acheive enough backing from local people, businesses and of course readers further afield to get this book published by October. I’ll keep you all updated on my progress! Thanks for reading.

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