Picture of One Night in Beartown characters

After 30 days of ringing, emailing and messaging local companies, friends, relatives and colleagues, and promotion on social media and local news media, I’m proud to announce that I hit the Kickstarter target for One Night in Beartown!

This means that the book will be getting published! For the next month or so, my illustrator Si Clark will produce pencil drawings for each illustration from the storyboard that we agreed on, once we have tweaked the story very slightly. I have rewritten one paragraph because the Congleton Chronicle, the local newspaper here, have kindly paid to sponsor the book, so their bear (Robert Ted, named after the Chronicle’s founder Robert Head) now appears in the story. This worked out perfectly for me because the Chronicle’s office (where the real-life statue Robert Ted resides) is near Congleton Park, where the last part of the story takes place.¬†

I will post some of the pencil drawings in the next post so that you can see how things are progressing. I am really excited about this book and I look forward to updating you all soon! Many thanks once again to all the local businesses that sponsored the book (around 30 in total!) and of course all the people, both locally and around the globe, who very kindly pledged their support too, either financially or by sharing on social media. Your signed books will be with you as soon as they are ready!