Following the release of One Night in Beartown on 1st December last year (coincidentally three years to the day that I published Sarah’s Shadow!), I thought I’d book myself a blog tour once again, to get some reviews from book bloggers and to spread the word about the new book.

As with the Sarah’s Shadow blog tour, I approached the lovely Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources. Rachel provides an excellent-value service for authors, taking away the headache of blog touring entirely. She has a wide network of bloggers who cover most genres, so within a matter of days the blog tour is booked and you just have to send copies of the books to the bloggers. Then, when the blog tour kicks off, you just sit back and watch your social media got a bit crazy for a few days while the reviews of your book start popping up on each blogger’s website and/or Instagram page.

The blog tour was a big success! Lots of rave reviews of the new book and no doubt a fair few book sales off the back of it. But another benefit to me is the SEO aspect – lots of reviews on book websites is great news for an author, especially over the long term, as it will increase the author’s own website’s rankings. Slowly slowly, catchy monkey, as they say. But for now, I think I’ll just bask in the glory of over 20 glowing book reviews courtesy of Rachel. If you’re an author and you’ve got a new book out, I highly recommend you get in touch with her – you won’t regret it!

Here are some of my favourite reviews of One Night in Beartown from the blog tour:

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